August / Aamu Song & Johan Olin X Nikari

Matti Söderkultalahti

Neiti / Minja Kolehmainen

Mikko Merz X Koivusipilä

Lumikki I & II / Tuulia Penttilä

Lumikki II / Tuulia Penttilä

Pisara / Antrei Hartikainen

Heikki Aska

Desico, Module / Anneli Sainio, Gaia / Camilla Moberg

Gaia / Camilla Moberg

Tradition and innovation in the modern Finnish wood culture – Nikari stories from Fiskars Finland

Dec 16th 2017 – Feb 18th 2018

Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, Kobe, Japan

In Finland, a nation of forests, wood has been a part of daily life for ages. The sparse, simple forms of Finnish design have not only been shaped by designers, but also by generations of everyday craftspeople working with the material to meet their basic needs.

For 50 years Nikari, based in Fiskars, Finland, has been a pioneer in the modern Finnish culture of carpentry and cabinet making. From its very beginning, the company has invested in quality design while cherishing the art of skillful craftsmanship. This unique blend of tradition and innovation has attracted many talented young designers and helped to make Nikari one of the most interesting manufacturers in the field of Finnish design today.

In this exhibition we told the stories behind the products. Alongside Nikari, we presented independent craftsmen and designers who live and work in FIskars and share a common history with the company.

Curated and designed by
Mattila & Merz

Photos by
Mattila & Merz


Nikari / Kari Virtanen, Rudi Merz, Harri Koskinen, Alfredo Häberli, Aamu Song & Johan Olin, Jasper Morrison & Wataru Kumano, Salla Luhtasela & Wesley Walters

Heikki Aska
Antrei Hartikainen
Petri Koivusipilä
Minja Kolehmainen
Laura Mattila & Mikko Merz
Tuulia Penttilä
Matti Söderkultalahti

Camilla Moberg
Anneli Sainio
Nina Pulkkis / Franck Media