Sauna in the yard

Fiskars, Raasepori, Finland

This traditional log sauna with no running water was designed and constructed as part of a 19th century homestead. The symmetrical building consists of two massive volumes joined at top and bottom by 11 m long logs. An extended roof with deep eaves covers the entire structure including the central terrace and surrounding veranda.

The log frame was prefabricated in Ostrobothnia with fitting of the logs done by hand. The outer surfaces are sawn while the inner surfaces are planed. The frame was assembled and finished on site by local craftsmen from Fiskars. Openings for the windows and hatches were made on site while windows, hatches, doors and the roof structure were made in local wood workshops.

Log frame
Saaren hirsitalot

Construction work on site, roof structure, doors and hatches
Mattila & Merz
Puuveneveistämö J. Nordberg

woodwork: Soinio Markki T:Mi
painting: Huojuva huonekalu / Miisa Hüter

Fiskarin Laatupuu
Enäjärven saha